Gift ideas for newborns and their parents

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Newborn gift ideas by The Lovely Other, Modern Burlap, Little Resident and Little Jones leather baby shoes

Choosing a gift for a new parent can be tough, particularly if you haven’t had a baby. There are the straightforward options such as chocolates, onesies, soft toys or baby blankets which you can never go wrong with, but if you want to step it up a notch, here are some ideas that most new parents would love to receive.

For the bub:

  • Swaddles.  These large cloths (often made of muslin) have so many uses: wrapping your baby, wiping up spew, for privacy when breastfeeding, shading prams and more. They are really handy and you can’t have too many. Modern Burlap have the most iconic swaddles, and most mums will appreciate how lovely they are.
  • Teethers. You could go with the standard Sophie (the teething toy de jour) which always go down well, but if you want to be a little more unique, these Coco & Lotus personalised teethers are an adorable option.
  • Baby shoes. Even though shoes are mostly for show/weddings/photo shoots for the first couple of months, a babes first pair of shoes is a really sweet sentiment. Our favourite unisex options are our Salted Caramel High Tops, or Lulus for the girls or Freddies for the boys. Size 6-12 months are the most popular size, so they can grow into them and be a little more practical.
  • Decor: A beautiful piece of art for their nursery or something practical. We adore The Lovely Other – they have a stunning range of hand drawn prints. George the Giraffe is our favourite (pictured above). Or these Little Resident playmats are both practical and beautiful. Or for when bub is a little older, check out these gorgeous handmade Frederick Earl wooden toys.
  • Milestone cards: They are the cutest way to capture a moment in your baby’s life – have a look at these gorgeous sets from Love Paper Ink.

 For the parents:

  • Wine, cheese & chocolate. A memorable moment after having my daughter, was when my good friend arrived with Vueve, an assortment of cheeses, quince paste, crackers and chocolate dipped strawberries. My hospital room looked like the David Jones food hall. My partner and I hoovered the lot one night after leaving hospital and it was bliss. Even sweeter was tasting food and not wanting to hurl after nine months of the voms (that’s another story).
  • A homemade meal. We arrived home to a freezer full of lasagne, chilli con carne and frozen garlic bread. We more than happily ate the same thing on rotation for two weeks. Even a food subscription such as Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon can be a great way to help with easing the dinner pressures.
  • A stocked fridge or a cleaner. Filling up a fridge takes a huge weight off in those first few days. Or organise for a cleaner to come as a once-off before the new family arrives home, or regularly for a couple of weeks.

If the new baby has a sibling, a present for the big brother or sister (depending on their age) can make them feel more involved – aim for a book or toy or activity.

What to avoid:

  • Flowers in hospital. ONE bunch is lovely, and really appreciated, but when it turns into more than a couple and you have no way of keeping them alive or space to put them, it’s a bit stressful. Plus you have to transport them home, in your car, with a newborn, in what is most likely the most stressful car trip of your life. Then you have to live with dead flowers and pollen all over the floor for six weeks because you are too tired to throw them out.
  • Large toys. Again, transporting them home can be a pain and they aren’t always practical in the newborn days. Save these gifts for first birthdays.

Let us know what your favourite (or not so favourite!) gifts have been! Shop our full range of newborn baby shoes.

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