How to look after leather baby shoes

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Little Jones leather baby shoes - Dash

Some shoe care basics

Here are some simple shoe care tips to help prolong the life of your child’s shoes. Follow them, and you may find they still look good as new when one is finally chucked out of the pram or left at the playground.

First things first. 

Crawling is the number one killer of small shoes. Particularly if your child likes to commute on concrete or rough surfaces. It’s often hard to avoid, but when your child is really finding their feet (lol) with crawling, opt for synthetic soft sole baby shoes or socks instead.

Generally, waterproofing sprays are only recommended when your child is no longer tempted to put their feet/shoes in their mouth. When appropriate, a light spray every few weeks will really help to keep your child’s shoes in good condition.

Caring for leather shoes.

Leather uppers are more durable and can be cleaned easier than suede. Clean or target any stains using baby wipes. Our leather is treated, so it is somewhat waterproof. Splashes and puddle jumping is OK, but don’t let your child swim or bathe in their shoes (we are sure it happens!).

Caring for suede/nubuck shoes.

Suede and nubuck shoes are a little more sensitive than their leather friends. Waterproofing spray will help prolong their life, and when required, spot clean with a suede block brush. Keep suede out of contact with water/drool as much as possible.

Caring for metallics

We love bling! Our range of metallic leathers are created using a hot press, which bonds foil to the leather. Over time the finish may dull slightly, but metallics are very forgiving, these imperfections often blend well with the rest of the shoe. Waterproofing sprays can add a little more protection to metallic surfaces, but take care with rough surfaces to prolong their life.

Hopefully these tips will help ensure your baby shoes make it into the future-sibling pile!


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