Hello new knee socks! Introducing Big and Small dot.

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Little Jones Polkadot baby toddler knee socks

In continuing with our Polka dot theme (and obsession!), we are excited to announce the launch of our newest accessories in our sock and tight range, our Big Dot and Small Dot knee socks.

Made of a premium cotton blend, they are available in size 1-5 years. Available in two classic combinations: navy and white and black and white. Perfect for the lead up to summer and even better paired with sandals. What was once a fashion faux pas, this fashion phenomenon is not only comfortable, it’s practical – pairing summer shoes with winter fashion.

Anyhoo, check out our full range of socks and tights or new range of sandals, online now.

Little Jones Big Dot Navy baby toddler knee socks

How to care for soft sole baby and toddler shoes

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Little Jones leather baby shoes - Dash

Baby shoes can often have a short life. From being chucked on or crawled/mauled to death, there are still some simple things you can do to help them live a long life. And at least they’ll still look cute when they are finally tossed out of a pram or you lose one at the playground. Here are our top tips for caring for leather and suede.

First things first. 

Crawling is the number one killer of baby shoes. Particularly if your child likes to commute on concrete or rough surfaces. It’s often hard to avoid, but when your child is really finding their feet (pun intended) with crawling, opt for synthetic soft sole baby shoes or socks instead. Otherwise you’ll end up with a pair of shoes that won’t make it into the future-sibling pile.

Generally, waterproofing sprays are only recommended when your child is no longer tempted to put their feet/shoes in their mouth, due to their chemical nature. When your child is the right age, a light spray every few weeks will really help to keep your child’s shoes in good condition (both leather and suede).

Caring for leather shoes.

Leather uppers are more durable and can be cleaned much easier than suede. Clean or target any stains using baby wipes or damp paper towel. Our leather is treated, so it is somewhat waterproof. Splashes and puddle jumping is OK, but don’t let your child swim or bathe in their shoes. For more than a few reasons.

Caring for suede shoes.

The reality is, suede and nubuck shoes often cop a beating as they are more sensitive than their leather friends. Waterproofing spray will help prolong their life, and when required, spot clean with a suede block brush. Keep out of contact with water as much as possible.

We recommend you check your children’s shoes regularly to ensure they are the correct size and the fit is appropriate. Look to move up a size when your child’s toes start to feel crowded (at least half to 1cm is recommended by podiatrists) or when you struggle (more than usual) to put your child’s shoes on.


Why soft soles are best for growing feet

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Little Jones leather baby shoes - why soft soles are best


We’ve long been told that soft sole shoes are the best choice for babies, and it’s recommended that you keep your child in flexible soled shoes from birth until they are confidently walking. Here are some reasons why, plus tips to help you transition your child from soft to hard sole shoes.

Support for growing feet

According to the Australian Podiatrist Association, allowing children to go barefoot or only wearing very soft shoes helps the foot to develop and assists in strengthening muscles.   Babies also have a natural reflex to curl their toes and arch their feet – lightweight shoes tend to allow feet to move freely and support natural movement.


Baby feet need protection from the cold and surfaces, particularly when they start to crawl. Socks are ideal for around the house, but shoes are recommended when your child is outside, particularly when the weather is cooler or they are crawling in public areas or outside. Leather shoes, over synthetic materials, allow your child’s feet to breathe and stay cool in warmer months, while still protecting them from the sun.

Learning to walk

When your baby starts to learn how to walk, podiatrists recommend keeping your child in soft soles shoes. Heavy or rigid shoes with thick soles can make it more difficult for your child when they are learning to walk. Soft sole, flexible shoes allow your child to feel the ground as they go, which can help them grip and improve their balance and coordination, enabling them to walk more confidently.

Transitioning out of sole soles

We’ve designed our range of soft sole baby shoes with a wider toe-box and extra room around the top of the foot, plus they come in a range of styles that are easy to put on, but stay put on wriggly feet.

A more rigid sole can be introduced when your child has been confidently walking for at least a few months. We have a range of toddler shoes with a flexible rubber sole, that can help the transition from soft soles to more fitted shoes. No matter what age your child is, it’s important to leave room to grow. Check out our sizing guide with some tips to help you choose the right size or learn about how to care for your child’s shoes.


The cutest kids products to satisfy your sweet tooth

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For sugar addicts: flatlay of kids products to satisfy your sweet toothSugar addicts unite and donut resist…!

There are so many adorable kids products to satisfy your sweet tooth! Here are some delicious picks from some of our favourite Australian boutiques. From top left clockwise:

  1. Sack Me Krispy Dreme Pink cushion
  2. Little Jones Pink Icing High Tops
  3. Le Toy Van I’m Toy Ice Cream Tray
  4. Make Me Iconic – Sequin Treat Purse
  5. Little Jones Mint Gelato knee socks
  6. Lexy Plexy The Collette wooden biscuit teether
  7. Sack Me Silver Candy cushion
  8. Le Toy Van Wooden Biscuit set
  9. Sack Me Triple Sundae quilt cover
  10. Herschel Pop Quiz lunch box
  11. Toucan Ice Cream print

Bubble O’Bills, Drumsticks and Gaytimes, anyone?

My Little Man + Little Jones sweetest kids products leather baby shoes

Our favourite boutique just for boys – My Little Man –  has just launched it’s Spring/Summer 2017 range full of beautiful prints, classic cuts and all handmade from organic cotton.

Our pick is this adorable organic cotton romper featuring Bubble O’Bills, Drumsticks, Paddle Pops and Golden Gaytimes along with our Charlie Slides in Skywalker.

Handmade in Australia and online now from My Little Man.




Polka dot picks – our favourite kids products

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Popular polka dot styles from Rylee & Cru, Modern Burlap, Little Jones, OyOy, Le Train Fontaine, Frankie Ray and Pretty Brave

Of all the prints, polka dots are by far a clear favourite. They are the perfect basic and work with most looks and colour schemes.

Wonder where they came from?

Here you go! They shot to fame in the mid-1920’s, thanks to Minnie Mouse – Walt Disney dressed her in her trademark spotted red dress, which propelled polka dots into mainstream popularity. Since then, fashion designers have incorporated them into their ranges throughout the decades – notably Dior in the 1930s right up to today (check out these Polka Dot nail kits). Dots and spots never seem to go out of fashion.

Our polka dot picks:

Here’s a round up of our favourite children’s polka dot clothing and accessories. Pictured (clockwise from top left):

  1. OyOy Baby Carrier Clip from Leo & Bella
  2. Pretty Brave Change mat from Daisy & Hen
  3. Le Train Fantome – Ozzie Bunny from The Gathered Store
  4. Kiki + Karuma Wooden Toy Car from Leo & Bella
  5. Modern Burlap Spot Muslin from Mini Wild Child
  6. Frankie Ray Lola Spot Sunglasses from A Little Bit of Cheek
  7. Rylee and Cru Dot Bloomer from Rylee & Cru
  8. Little Jones High Tops in Ash from Little Jones

We’ve also recently launched our new Small Dot and Big Dot knee sock range – made of a premium cotton blend, sized 0-4 years and totally cute.

DIY product photography tips for small businesses

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Little Jones winter range of leather prewalker newborn baby and toddler boots


Getting beautiful content for your business, whether it’s for your online store, marketing material or social media, is not always the easiest task. Here’s some tips if you’re keen to tackle your own product photography, on the cheap.

  • The right equipment: You can use a smartphone, but if you have a DSLR (professional camera), you’ll get better quality images and be able to re-size them easily without them losing their quality. Plus high resolution images are essential if you’re planning on using your photos in printed marketing material. If you have a DSLR, practice using the manual settings (YouTube tutorials are your friend) and you’ll see a huge difference in your photos. Plus practice makes perfect. A tripod can also be a huge help, particularly when using a DSLR.
  • The right light: Natural light is key – artificial or direct light can cast shadows or make your photos too vivid and distort the colours. The ideal spot to shoot is next to a window, with full natural light. Lighting specific for product photography can be option if you struggle with light or if you’re using a product photograhy box/tent.
  • The right background: Light or white backgrounds will help to hero your product, but finding the perfect background is a case of trial and error. We use a semi-translucent white plexiglass board. It’s flexible, so it can be shaped to use both under the shoes and behind them. You could also buy a MDF board from Bunnings and paint it white, or simply use a piece of white poster board.
  • The right props: For small products, light boxes or tents or product photography stands can help and they aren’t too expensive (try Ebay).  Foamcore cards (from arts and craft shops) can also help to bounce light onto your products.
  • Styling your products: It can take a million shots to get the right angle that really showcases your products. Try shooting from above, from eye level or a distance with a zoom – you’ll soon be able to quickly, consistently and easily photograph your products with a little practice. Make sure you upload your photos to a computer and check the quality as you go. Keen to flatlay? Here are some tips on how to perfect your flatlays.
  • Editing: Once you have your shots, editing them is important. It can bring your products to life, fix any flaws or change the size or background colour to suit your needs. If you’re not so handy with Photoshop, try Pixc. Simply upload your shots and you’ll have them back within 24 hours, with the backgrounds removed and either re-sized or enhanced. Shooting with a smartphone? Make the most of editing apps to enhance, lighten, adjust the contrast or sharpen your images.

Rather leave it to the professionals? We totally understand! Beck, of Always and Forever Styling is our go-to for styled shots. She offers very reasonable product photography and styling services, and a beautiful mix of product shots, flat lay and styled room shots. She even has a group/collaboration package where a number of businesses can join forces to share the cost of the shoot. You’ll walk away with 40+ shots, plus the opportunity to feature other businesses products and be featured in theirs.  Check out her VIP Facebook group to learn more.

Have any of your own product photography tips? Please share the love below!

Now available – hard soles and larger sizes!

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We are very excited to announce that we are expanding our range, offering hard soles and larger sizes across our range. Made from a super flexible rubber, our new soles are available on our winter range of boots, starting from size 18-24 months up to four years.

Perfect for babes who are already walking and have found their feet, and who need a little more protection from the ground. We still recommend our soft sole range for babies up to 18 months or who are yet to walk.

We will be slowly rolling the new rubber soles out across our entire range. Our next arrival of hardsoles will be in our best selling Dove Grey and Baby Blue Freddy lace up styles, plus our Silver Lulus. They will be arriving in-store early July 2017, but you can order them now for immediate delivery.

That time we made it into….. Minty Magazine!

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Minty Magazine shoot, featuring Little JonesLast year we had the honour of being featured in Minty Magazine. Known as the bible for all things children’s interiors and fashion, it’s pages are beautifully curated by interior designers and stylists, showcasing both local and international designers.

Already being a bit of a fan girl, it was pretty amazing to have one of our first products in our range, our Salted Caramel Freddies, appear in it’s pages.

Our little shoes were handpicked by stylist Mel Plambeck to feature in a shoot showcasing her daughter’s bedroom, in Minty’s Winter 2016 issue. Here’s our favourite shot – if you want to see more, here’s a link to the full issue.


How to create the perfect flatlay

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Photography and styling tips to create the perfect flatlay flat lay

The flat lay. They are all over Instagram and are the go-to for bloggers, but the art of photographing items from a birds eye view is often not the easiest skill to master. To help you perfect your flat lays, here are some expert tips from photographer and stylist Beck Rayner of Always & Forever Styling, who takes some seriously beautiful photos (many you can see throughout our site!).

Q. What’s the most important thing to consider? 

Lighting. I like light, bright and crisp and for that I just can’t go past a good window or room with natural light streaming through. While natural light isn’t always convenient, it really does create the best result.

Q. What sort of backgrounds do you use for your flat lays?

If I’m not shooting on a plain white background, I like to go for things with depth and texture such as throws, quilted blankets, fabric, or printed wrapping paper. I’ve even used a knitted scarf from Kmart that I cut up to use. The beauty of the flat lay is that there are no rules. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll start seeing things everywhere that would be great to use in your flat lays.

Q. Composition and spacing items nicely – how do you do it! 

Less is more, and the less you think it through, the better! It sounds silly, but I find that if I try and style a flat lay too much it just looks ‘staged’ (even though they are!). I find by layering products and over lapping things, it creates interest, depth and forces your followers to look at more then one of the products. Flat lay’s aren’t really about promoting one product – they are about showing a collection of products that work together and compliment each other. Sometimes your followers may not have even thought about putting that print with that garland, or those shoes with that onsie. Flat lays spark your followers and your potential buyer’s interest. And let’s be honest, they look pretty in your feed!

As for angles and spacing – I am really loving shooting flat lays from eye level as opposed to from above. But it often still does take me 30 photo’s before I capture the perfect angle, light, setup! And with spacing, I love layering things, leaving space around the image (so you can crop later) and then cropping in later, and spacing things close together.

Q. What are your 5 favourite props for flat lays?

I have so many favourite props, but there are definitely things that make a photo pop.

  • Garlands: These are my go to. Natural wood, felt ball, tassel garlands, neutral colours or colourful, fun garlands like flamingos or watermelons – they just add so much to a flat lay.
  • Wood products and plaques: There are so many talented biz owners out there with gorgeous products and a lot of them are up for collaborating for cross promotion in flat lays. The opportunities are there, you just need to connect with some like minded biz babes.
  • Textured fabrics, blankets, quilt covers, lace:  Pretty much any piece of material that gives your image depth and a point of difference.
  • Confetti, scrabble letters and the like: Any craft materials that you think would be cool and different in your flat lay. Try The Reject Shop, Spotlight, dollar shops, online or even make your own. Or some gorgeous shoes!
  • Gorgeous wall prints (in A6 size) or milestone cards or sayings: They are always great to add a little something different, some meaning or a message to your flat lay.

Q. Smartphone or DSLR (professional cameras)? 

I don’t use my phone but the same rules apply – use good natural light and brighten and sharpen the image with an app (but don’t over filter)! It makes the image look unprofessional, grainy and tacky. Less is more. As for DSLR owners, teach yourself how to use your camera in manual mode and you won’t look back. It sounds simple but it just takes trial and error and practice. Watch You tube, google it, join some online forums or if you really don’t have the time or energy to do that, just hire me haha!

Thank you so much Beck – we are huge fans of you and your photography, and you’re amazing to work with. You can find out more about Beck by visiting Always & Forever Styling or on Instagram via @alwaysandforever_styling.

Introducing… DASH!

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Meet DLittle Jones genuine leather baby shoes for pre walkersash – our newest print in our custom, monochrome range of leather baby shoes. Available on both our Lulus (mary jane) and Freddie (lace up oxford) styles, our Dash print has been locally designed in Sydney and is exclusive to Little Jones. Printed on premium quality,  lamb skin suede, they are a gorgeous unisex winter staple.

They are available from 0-24 months in both styles and feature a soft leather sole with a lightly padded inner step to protect little feet from the ground and are perfect for both pre and early walkers. This print is the second release in our series of custom artworks bought to life on our range of handmade shoes – stay tuned for our next range of prints for winter, launching in June.

Shop our new Dash Lulus and Dash Freddies now.